• At Nhan International, we have a unique understanding of the pressures small businesses face because we have been in the same position. As your supplier, we won't stop at providing the highest quality seafood at the most competitive price you can find anywhere in Australia -- we will also take your company under our wing and help guide it to increased profitability by providing regular industry reports and other exclusive content.

  • The lowest prices wouldn't matter if they didn't go hand-in-hand with great products. At Nhan International, we make quality our top priority to ensure that you will always be proud to serve our seafood to the most discerning of customers.

  • A purchase signifies trust between a business and customer, and we don't take your trust lightly. We aim to provide top-notch service before, during and after the purchasing process. We are always available to answer questions and provide assistance in any way possible.

  • We provide our customers with value-added services that extend far beyond great products. Our reports will help you understand when a demand for a product is peaking and when you should buy a little less to avoid spoilage. We'll help you gain insight into the direction of the seafood industry and prepare for upcoming trends before they occur.

  • A stronger community benefits everyone. We believe that providing support to organizations, families and children across Australia and the rest of the world are vital resources that help them live happier and healthier lives.

Who We Are…

Nhan International is a seafood importer and exporter specializing in sourcing the finest fresh and frozen seafood from around the world making it easily available to businesses all across Australia. We offer only the best in seafood experience for you and your clients — providing not only high-class products but also world-class business solutions to cater your unique needs.

We consider ourselves more than a supplier of products — we are also a valued partner for your business.

“We are extremely passionate about what we do, and focus on delivering you exclusive access to successful business solutions.”

- Steven Nguyen, Director

Quality Seafood

We are committed to excellence, ensuring that we continue of fine tradition of only supplying the best delicacies to hundreds of restaurants all over Australia, for the most competitive of prices. Read more

Values Driven

Nhan International exists in a larger community, and we know our success has been largely due to our support to the community. Giving back will always been the core of our actions. Read more

Exclusive Reports

Nhan International understands the importance of staying up to date on the latest industry trade secrets and trends. We provide valuable information to help businesses boost their profit margins. Read more

Excellent Service

With our superior knowledge and experience in the seafood industry, our exceptional customer service team makes it their top priority to ensure we fulfill all of your expectations. Contact Us

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